Are you looking for a romantic getaway in the picturesque countryside of Rothenburg? The Burghotel is the perfect respite to escape your busy and chaotic life. With lavish rooms and captivating views of the mesmerizing Tauber Valley, this hotel offers an intimate experience you will cherish forever.


The Burghotel is at the center of the medieval town of Rothenburg, Northern Bavaria. It stands above the mesmerizing hills of the Tauber valley and is surrounded by majestic walls that stretch as far as the eye can see.

The hotel rests in an ideal location from where you can access Rothenburg’s most important attractions, such as the historical Klingentor, or Blade Gate, and the quaint Schmiedgasse street. You can find the Burghotel at its official address, Klostergasse 1-3, 91541, Rothenburg, Bavaria, Germany.


This 12th-Century building features 15 spacious rooms and suites that come with their private balconies, offering stunning views of the majestic Tauber valley. They also include convenient seating areas, TV sets, minibars, and all the modern amenities you need.

Room Types

Guests can pick a variety of options capable of accommodating solo travelers to families and groups of up to nine people. The standard double room is the smallest and houses 1 guest, while the double rooms and terrace suites offer slightly more space and house 2 guests.

Groups of 4 or 5 guests can choose the various apartments that offer ample living space and lavish furnishings. Finally, the massive villa offers 250 m² of living space and includes 4 double beds capable of housing up to 9 guests.

Special Mentions

The hotel includes a spa with a soothing sauna, amazing spa showers, and a dedicated area where guests can relax. It also has a rooftop restaurant with a beautiful rose garden and a breezy terrace with spectacular views. What’s more, guests can also visit the Dominican monastery garden, which presents an oasis of lush flora and fauna.

The beautiful medieval town of Rothenburg is home to magnificent towers, antique houses, gorgeous fountains, and plenty of mesmerizing alleys tucked in the many ancient corners. Bask in the beautiful valley views or take long strolls along the fresh Neckar river, and end your day with some refreshments at the exquisite wine taverns.

Our Rating

The Burghotel is the ideal place to stay while visiting the historical Rothenburg town. The hotel has plenty of hidden gems, and you’ll love exploring the lovely town area.

The perfectly preserved medieval infrastructures are a sight to behold, and the enchanting monastery garden offers an intimate space to relax. We rate the Burghotel 4. out of 5 stars for its scenic beauty, romantic atmosphere, stellar accommodations, and great service.