Are you ready to visit Disneyland Paris this year? With numerous rides and various attractions, Disneyland Paris is one of the most popular places in Paris. However, visiting this amazing place can be hectic without the right guide.

Some tips are listed below to make your Disneyland Paris experience memorable and fun.

1.  Book Tickets In Advance

Since Disneyland is one of the most popular places in Paris, getting tickets on the same day as arrival can be challenging. You can easily book tickets in advance through their website. It will save you money and time both.

2.  Wear Sunscreen

If you are excited about your visit to Disneyland Paris this summer, make sure to be prepared for a tan unless you reapply sunscreen at all times. You can get stick sunscreen for the easier and more appropriate application. 

3.  Visit On a Weekday

You might have heard about the long queues at Disneyland Paris. However, you can easily avoid them by visiting the park during the week instead of the weekend. It will give you more time to enjoy all the fun rides without making you tired.

4.  Stay for At Least 2 Days

Since Disneyland Paris has over 54 rides, give or take, you can’t possibly indulge in all of them in one day. So, to make your trip more fun and relaxing, divide the visit into two days.

5.  Decide the Rides You Want To Visit

Even if you stay at Disneyland Paris for two days, you can’t explore all the rides. It is better to decide the rides you want to visit beforehand to avoid any confusion or other problems.

6.  Keep Some Snacks

Visiting Disneyland Paris is super fun, but it can also get tiring at certain times. You surely don’t want to waste it by waiting in long queues to bring snacks. Make sure to pack some snacks, including juices, chips, and biscuits, to enjoy your time at Disneyland Paris.

7.  Download the Disneyland Paris Application

The Disneyland Paris Application can be your ultimate savior for the day. It is the best guide and will tell you all about the closed rides with other necessary details about them.

8.  Avoid Traveling In Your Car

Visiting Disneyland Paris in your car can be the biggest mistake because parking at Disneyland is quite expensive. Try to use public transport to see the beautiful Disneyland Paris.

9.  Wear Comfortable Shoes

Avoid wearing any type of uncomfortable shoes to Disneyland Paris because you have to walk a lot. You surely don’t want to ruin your trip because of your shoes.

10.  Wear a Small Backpack

You don’t want to carry a big backpack on your trip to Disneyland Paris and get tired from carrying all the weight. So, make sure to keep only the essentials in a small bag, including some snacks, sunscreen, power bank, and other items.

Final Thoughts

Disneyland Paris is a beautiful place with much more to explore than people assume. Make sure to save the above-listed tips to make your next Disneyland Paris trip memorable and fun.