Disneyland Paris is a place full of unique rides and popular attractions. However, if you are visiting the place for a limited time, you can’t explore the entire Disneyland, and visiting the boring places in there will ruin your trip.

Since we don’t want you to visit the wrong places at Disneyland Paris, we have selected the top 7 attractions, which are listed below.

1.  Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is one of the best tourist attractions in Disneyland Paris. The interior of the hyperspace mountain is as beautiful as the exterior, and the place looks heavenly at night.

The fun and adventurous roller coaster takes you on a fantastic journey and relive the significant star wars moment. The Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain is a dream come true for every star wars fan.

2.  It’s a Small World

Next, we have It’s a Small World. This attraction is surrounded by a beautiful garden, colorful flowers, and a bright exterior. The boat ride is fantastic and takes you on a nostalgic journey of Disney’s classic cartoons, movies, and its characters.  

3.  Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor is another popular attraction in Disneyland Paris. It is one of the best-haunted mansions with a dark and scary environment and realistic ghost characters. Even though it is not the best attraction for kids, adults absolutely love it.

The scary house and even scarier decorations make it one of the most adventurous and haunted attractions in Disneyland Paris.

4.  Big Thunder Mountain

The big thunder mountain is one of the most prominent attractions in Disneyland Paris. The big mountain can be seen from the entrance of Disneyland Paris, attracting tourists towards it. It is a fantastic roller coaster ride with various turns, ups and downs, and a rusty environment representing a specific vibe.

5.  Ratatouille: The Adventure

Who doesn’t like the Ratatouille? Well, a major attraction is dedicated to it, and it is exactly as fun and adventurous as you assume. This 4D fun ride allows you to view the world as mice and relive the experiences of the Ratatouille once again.

6.  Pirates of the Caribbean

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is another famous attraction at Disneyland Paris that pays tribute to the movie and allows you to experience the movie up close. Travel in a classic pirate boat ship and enjoy the dungeons and skeletons upon entrance to get the full experience.

7.  Buzz Light year Laser Blast

Buzz Light year Laser Blast is one of the most adventurous and fun attractions at Disneyland Paris that allows you to experience the life of Buzz Light year. Seated in spinning vehicles and pointing laser shots at the evil Emperor Zurg is more fun than people assume. It is a must-visit attraction for families. 

Final Takeaway

From the nostalgic ride of “it’s a small world” to the adventurous and scary Phantom Manor, you will find all types of attractions at Disneyland Paris. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and relive your childhood memories at the fascinating Disneyland Paris.