The Newport Resort & Marina is Goat Island’s pride and glory. It offers a delightful experience filled with numerous tourist spots, exquisite restaurants, countless activities, and charming sunset views that fill your soul with joy.

The resort has hosted a myriad of events and festivities, social gatherings, business conferences, and some of the most romantic weddings in the history of Rhode Island.


Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina is located on Goat Island, 1.6 km from Newport City, Rhode Island, USA. This gigantic resort is surrounded by Narragansett Bay on one side and Newport Harbor on the other. You can find it at 1 Goat Island Rd, Newport, RI 02840, United States.

The location is ideal for those who want the peace and quiet of a private island but still want to be close enough to lively atmospheres. Guests can reach the magnetic streets of Newport after just a short walk from the resort, allowing them to visit nearby tourist attractions and the many unique restaurants that dot the landscape.


The Newport Resort & Marina has 257 guestrooms, more than any other resort in Newport city. This makes them the number one choice for large gatherings, whether they are business-oriented programs, massive social events, or weddings.

This omnipotent establishment features an amazing spa where guests can rejuvenate or enjoy some soothing relaxation time. The gigantic compound features breathtaking 360-degree water views, which make impressive backgrounds for romantic dinners. Other notable attractions nearby include exciting golf courses, mesmerizing vineyards, opulent mansions, cozy beaches, and much more.

Room Types

This resort has some of the biggest rooms we’ve ever seen, beautifully decorated with gorgeous interiors and modern amenities. Some of the larger rooms include massive private balconies that offer breathtaking views of the Newport Marina.

Guests can choose from numerous options, such as the standard Waterview king room, Waterview king room with balcony, or the gigantic Junior and Bi-level suites, which stretch an area of 60 m² and can accommodate up to 9 individuals.

Special Mentions

You will never experience boredom, as the Newport Resort & Marina is always bustling with activity. Guests can always find something to do, whether taking a walk by the beach, having fun at the gold course, or riding the water shuttle to visit the nearby marina.

The venue hosts numerous exciting annual events, including amazing music concerts, inspiring theatre performances, and exciting boat race competitions that get your adrenaline pumping. The waterfront classic New England restaurant setting is a treat to experience, and the sunsets here are absolutely stunning.

Our Rating

This fun-filled extravaganza is an amazing way to spend your holidays and will give you many unforgettable memories that bring you back. It’s definitely one of the best resorts in the country and deserves our score of 4.5 stars out of 5.